Time to stop thinking about your overweights at your flights!

With Bagajın Bende application now you can make Money off your flights and also reduce cost of additional baggage allowance.

Sell Baggage Allowance You Dont Use

With this application you can sell your unneeded baggage allowance safely to other passengers in your flight.

Buy Baggage Allowance Much Cheaper!

You can buy baggage allowance, which you always need but is so expensive, much cheaper than your airline company, from other passengers in your flight.

Safe and Legal

Do not worry, we have taken many precautions to keep you and your baggage safe and we will continue to take it. But first, definitely do baggage delivery after security points.

Reduce the cost of your traveling, even make money!

All of our users are Approved

With Bagajin Bende application you can earn money by selling baggage allowance you do not use to other passengers and you can get baggage allowance much cheaper than other airlines.

We provide both the safety of the baggage you take and deliver with a legal basis.

Easy to use with simple design

Quick and easy handling with design and fluid menus free of distracting and tiring elements.

Confirm Your Membership

For your and other users' safety, we require you to verify your membership number with your SSN number.

Find Your Flight

Choose your flight for your baggage procedure, you can either place an offer for your unneeded baggage allowance, or look for an existing one. Or you can wait and we will tell you when the offer comes.

Search a bid / place a bid

We will help for your bid to meet the airline’s baggage policies and also make you sure that the bid you accept is cheaper than your airline’s company.

Complete Your Transactions Safely

We take the most stringent safety precautions in all your operations from the moment you are a member until you have finished your baggage transactions and profitably ended your flight.

Safety First!

We want you to have a profitable flight while using our platform, but still the safety of you and your baggages are our top priority.

Approved Users

All our users are approved, legal liabilities in fraudulent accounts or malicious transactions can be tracked accordingly.


This specification, which must be accepted by the users prior to sale and purchase, exempts the seller from luggage liability while maintaining the luggage of the purchase area.

Deliver After The Safety Points

For maximum security, baggage delivery is required after airport security points.

Completely Legal

The transactions you do are not contrary to the law, we will be with you in every legal case with our strict measures.

Suitable for Airlines and Airport Regulations

Your actions in our platform are not contrary to the regulations of the airlines or the airports, they do not object you.

Use Globally

We review baggage policies and legal obligations of the most used airports and airlines to open your profitable and safety flights to the whole World.

Our Wonderful Team

Our friends who offer all their talents and ideas for your profitable and safety flights.

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Mert Özyılmaz

Software Engineer


Ali Emre Çakmakoğlu

Software Engineer


Ali Göklükay

Software Engineer


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